Top Loader Washing Machines

ZEN Top loader ensures super-silent performance and supreme fabric care

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The clever technology in Whirlpool 6th SENSE Colours top loader washers is designed to preserve all different fabric colours, regardless of fabric type and save you water, time, and energy. With a 6th SENSE Colours top loader washers, your clothes will look better for longer, you will be helping to save the environment, and your wallet will be better off.


Whirlpool’s unique Zen Top loader offers high performance in almost total silence: the perfect formula for total relaxation, day or night. Innovative Zen technology replaces the traditional belt drive with a high performance traction motor that rotates the drum directly. The result is “best in class” water extraction at a lower spin speed, meaning less vibration and less noise as well as greater efficiency and reliability.

* Compared to competitors' declared noise levels in the market of standard Top Loaders (40 cm width) with a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm. (Status 1st of March 2012).

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