American Laundry Pair

6TH SENSE Laundry Pair. Designed to satisfy your needs, with intelligence and efficiency.

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6TH SENSE TECHNOLOGY laundry pair is the total washing solution for perfect care of your favorite clothes.
Whirlpool’s innovative top loader washer and dryer minimizes the water consumption, lowers your bills and optimizes energy and providing outstanding results with unprecedented efficiency.


Innovative and stylish 6TH SENSE top loader provides excellent cleaning results:

- it lowers your bills by sensing the load and using only the right amount of water making you save up to 1500 liters of water*;
- it assures the best care for your delicate clothes thanks to his smart agitator gentle washing system;

*Monthly water saving based on common average family use of washing machine, compared to pre-2004 traditional top load washers 110-60 HZ, using normal cycles, UL standard test.

Additional American Laundry Pair

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