Top Freezer Refrigerators

6TH SENSE Fresh Control Top Freezer: active humidity and temperature control throughout the cavity.

6TH SENSE FreshControl sensor actively controls both temperature and humidity throughout the cavity of your fridge, automatically detecting changes and adjusting temperature and humidity levels accordingly. All this means that 6TH SENSE Fresh Control helps to maintain the ideal conditions in your fridge to keep your food as fresh as the day it was bought for up to 4 times longer*.

* Compared with Whirlpool total noFrost refrigerator. Freshness has been calculated as an average taking into account variation of food colour, pH and weight loss measured over a period of time. Time guidelines may vary depending on original food quality.


Our new design concept - Absolute - brings intuitive, leading-edge design into your kitchen, with a high-quality, highly ergonomic minimalist approach. Controlled geometry and subtle curves give an undeniably clever elegance, while the 6TH SENSE symbol at the heart of the display for intuitive interactivity is a constant reminder of the intelligence within. ABSOLUTE is the perfect complement to today’s designer kitchens – and a focal point for the heart of your home.


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