6TH SENSE Side by Side fridge freezer: the ultimate design statement for your kitchen

6TH SENSE technology constantly monitors the temperature and cools only when necessary, for example when you open the door to add new items, restoring the ideal temperature 5 times faster* after any variation. So wherever you put your food you can be sure it will stay deliciously fresh, maintaining its natural look and taste.

* Compared to Whirlpool products without 6TH SENSE technology.


Glamour Side by Side refrigerators represent the first truly integrated design in Side by Side appliances, so they stand out from the crowd while fitting seamlessly into any kitchen. Featuring fully flush, asymmetric handles and an integrated user interface, they are designed with a front ventilation system so you can push them right back against the wall for perfect integration with the rest of your built-in kitchen.


Additional Multi-Door Refrigerators

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