6TH SENSE Hoods a breath of fresh air: stylish, energy-saving hoods that adapt to their environment

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These intelligent hoods use built-in sensors to monitor the air above your cooktop, allowing them to adjust the power to the ideal level for whatever you are cooking, without you even having to think about it.
Thanks to its unique self-regulating motor, 6TH SENSE Adaptive Hood saves up to 50%* energy.

*Compared to standard Whirlpool hood


Whirlpool chimney hoods are designed to complete the range of your kitchen appliances.

Perimeter aspiration hood absorb cooking vapors along the outer edges of the base of the hood rather than through the grease filter in the middle. A rectifying panel breaks the flow of the fumes, directing them towards the outer edges of the hood where more grease can be collected.

In addition, with the filter concealed, noise levels are lower, the outer surface of the hood is easy to clean and the hood becomes an attractive design element in your kitchen.

Additional Hoods

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