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6TH SENSE Induction Hob: the intelligence and flexibility to make cooking simpler

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6TH SENSE technology gives you the opportunity to take greater control of your cooking, with an intelligent algorithm that senses the temperature of pans when boiling water. It adjusts the power level to reach boiling point rapidly- letting you know with a beep once boiling point is reached, and automatically reducing the temperature just enough to maintain boiling point - reducing energy consumption by up to 20%*.

* Compared with a Whirlpool standard induction hob without 6TH SENSE technology.


Induction hobs heat the pan, not the hob - so more than 90% of the energy used goes into heating your food.

They are up to four times as efficient as gas hobs, offering an efficient, cost-effective way to cook your food.

Out 6TH SENSE induction hob features an extremely powerful 5000W booster, which can boil 2.5 litre of water in just four minutes. This combination of precision and power makes Whirlpool induction hobs perfect for all kinds of cooking, from carefully melting chocolate to deep frying.

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