6TH SENSE PowerClean Dishwashers with PowerDry

Discover the N°1 in
cleaning and drying in
just one hour. *

Scopri l'innovazione che rivoluziona il lavaggio delle stoviglie.
  • Scopri l'innovazione che rivoluziona il lavaggio delle stoviglie.

    No steam
    when you open the door

  • Scopri l'innovazione che rivoluziona il lavaggio delle stoviglie.

    No need to towel
    dry dishes

the innovation
that has revolutionised

Our PowerDry dishwasher achieves ultimate drying results,
even on plastic items, thanks to its innovative 3D airflow
drying system
. A completely closed drying circuit extracts
and drains away the steam from inside the dishwasher,
condenses it and drains the water. Your dishes are left
completely dry and the dishwasher is free from steam and
when you open the door.

Image for illustrative
purposes only.

spotless drying.

Get maximum shine without the use of a towel, no
risk of water-stains nor dripping on the kitchen floor.
Your plastics & dishes can be placed straight into a
cupboard or on the table!

Even on plastic items.

Outstanding drying and unique shine even on
plastic items, so you can put them straight into
the cupboard.

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Discover the N°1 in cleaning
even the toughest soil,

No prewash.
28 Powerful jet sprays.

Intelligent sensors detect the level of soil and adjust
the water pressure of the 28 powerful jet sprays to
ensure perfect cleaning.

+ 10 plates.***
Load pots vertically.

Load pots & pans vertically facing the
jet sprays to make space for 10 extra plates
& for exceptional cleaning results.
The foldable racks accommodate any
shaped dish and up to 13 place settings.

Cleaning with the lowest
water consumption ever

Record consumption.
Only 6 litres per cycle.

Thanks to revolutionary system of water recycling, the ECO
program**** uses only 6 litres of water giving you the possibility
of perfectly washing 13 place settings.

Other advantages

Reflecting desires,
exceeding expectations

Saving up to 20%**** of energy

13 place settings

Our Dishwasher Machines

* Using the 1 hour wash & dry program. Based on internal test results (status August 2013). The PowerClean function cannot be used with the 1 hour wash & dry program.
** Based on internal test when pots and trays are loaded vertically in the back of the lower rack (Status: October 2013).
*** Comparison is made between the load of Whirlpool dishwasher with PowerClean technology and a Whirlpool Dishwasher without PowerClean technology using the same pot (H 10,5 cm, D 22 cm) and pan (H 5,5 cm, D 23,5 cm).
**** In the Normative Program ECO50°. Status date March 2014.
***** With reference to the average energy consumption of a Whirlpool equivalent appliance in A+ class.

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