Our Values

our values 1


Great results can be achieved through relationships built on trust, encouraging diversity and making the most of every individual’s potential and contribution. Work is only one of the elements of a fulfilling and rewarding life.


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Working in a correct, responsible way is important. There is no right way of doing the wrong thing. Maintaining the highest possible standards of personal, professional and legal conduct, whilst treating the others with the utmost respect, is of fundamental importance.


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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity creates value. Multiple diverse points of view is the soul of innovation and the basis for Whirlpool Corporation’s success in Europe. A culture that can embrace and value diversity and inclusion motivates every individual to excel, stimulating passion and the free expression of ideas.


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Working together brings pride and frees up the potential of every individual. Through collaboration and the confrontation of ideas, great results can be achieved.


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Spirit of Winning

The awareness of being a leader generates pride and motivation to face the new challenges of the market. Our goal is to be recognised and respected as one of the world’s best companies to work for.