The Environment

Environment is a priority


At Whirlpool Corporation, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Just as we have taken a global approach to our home appliance business, we believe our world's environmental issues, such as climate change, must be addressed in a similarly comprehensive way. This is why we continue to develop innovative products that minimize their impact on the environment while making our consumers' lives easier.
— Jeff M. Fettig, Chairman and CEO, Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation is an industry leader in developing high-performance appliances that help conserve the earth's resources and allow homeowners to use resources more efficiently. We continually strive to understand and manage the environmental effects of our business, not only by creating new and innovative products that consume less energy and water, but also by improving our processes and using materials that minimize the impact on the planet.

Whirlpool Corporation has a long-term commitment to environmental protection and natural resource efficiency, which began in 1970 with the creation of a corporate office for environmental control. As we have grown globally, we have developed and applied global environmental standards based on the protection of the environment, even when existing laws in some countries would allow Whirlpool to perform at levels below our global standards.

This commitment, which began with a focus on Whirlpool manufacturing operations, extends to the environmental impact of our products. The majority of pollution created by an appliance occurs during its in-home use and is generally 10 to 20 times higher than the pollution created during its production, distribution or disposal life cycle phases. Whirlpool Corporation's dedication to our products' potential impact on the environment is demonstrated not only through product design and manufacture, but also through every aspect of the organization. This commitment is embodied in Whirlpool Corporation's participation in the voluntary ENERGY STAR programs in the United States and Canada, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Partnership and our Global Greenhouse Gas reduction pledge, a goal that will be realized in part through the production and sale of resource efficient appliances.

Our focus on the environment also extends to public policy and community engagement. Whirlpool was one of 13 founding members of the Business Environment Leadership Council, an advisory group to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. The Center conducts studies and international educational programs on the issue of global climate change. Whirlpool agrees with the Council's opinion and the views of most scientists that enough is known about the science and environmental impacts of climate change for Whirlpool to take actions to address its consequences.