Habitat for Humanity

Whirlpool, largest global partner of a charity that makes a real difference


Habitat for Humanity's commitment is to provide simple, decent, affordable houses for families in need in more than a hundred countries.

Whirlpool has supported the charity since 1999 in many different ways both through conventional and unconventional means. Support has ranged from product donations through to Whirlpool employees actively helping in building projects. Almost 4,500 Whirlpool employees have helped to build Habitat Homes in Whirlpool locations and further Habitat houses in North America, Europe and South Africa.

In 2004, Whirlpool's partnership expanded to Europe. Between 2004 and 2010, around 1000 appliances were donated, and the sums of money donated by Whirlpool EMEA and individual employees supported over 14,800 families. Between 2004 and 2010, over 650 Whirlpool EMEA employees donated their time to build homes in Europe, Central Asia and South Africa.