Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen



GREENKITCHENTM 2.0 is the first step of green appliances as part of a system. It’s an advanced kitchen system where wasted water and heat are re-used from one appliance by another.

Every household wastes a vast amount of water every day. Litres of clean water are lost down the sink in the routine activities of drinking, cleaning, cooking and washing. Imagine if this water could be saved



GREENKITCHENTM 2.0 will allow this to happen. Clean water will be captured, undergo anti-bacterial treatment and then be stored in an external water tank under the sink. This water will be used for the dishwashing cycle, saving up to 7 litres of water per cycle.

This recycled, purified water can also be drawn from the same tank to water plants, wash the floor and so on. The tank will be connected to the fridge compressor, this will heat the water for use in the dishwasher. So, the dishwasher will save both water and electricity. Savings will result in 7 litres of water per cycle and up to 20% savings of electricity with the same washing performance.