Your Career at Whirlpool


Whirlpool is a leading and innovative company capable of offering international opportunities and challenges, with a flexible structure for career advancement and great opportunities to experience different roles in the organization. International and diverse Whirlpool people reflect the diversity of the European marketplace. We are a solid manufacturing and customer focused company where individuals' efforts make the difference.



Career Opportunities


International Careers

The growing diversity of Whirlpool's European people reflects the deeply diverse European marketplace. We are looking for individuals who can show exceptional performance in their previous profession. Whirlpool offers job opportunities worldwide in different working areas allowing individuals to gain significant experience and advancements in their career path. Initially your job will be based within a particular region, but based on extraordinary performance and potential it's possible to advance and expand your career to other regions.



Internship Opportunities

Whirlpool offers internship opportunties in the Commercial and Technical areas of our business. The projects are based on 3 to 6 month assignments (including the summer period) in the European Operations Centre, European market organization or a manufacturing environment. Each intern has a supervisor who supports the intern's integration, providing feedback and coaching their personal and professional development. At the end of the assignment the project supervisor will assess the intern's contribution and evaluate potential job opportunities.


International Graduate Programme

Fast Track Management Programme (FTMP) is an international graduate programme for top graduates coming from leading Business and Technical universities in Europe. All trainees entering the programme work on different project assignments around Whirlpool European locations. The programme offers a specific training, development and mentoring plan, continuously monitored by Whirlpool business leaders who coach and advise the trainees to become future managers.